The Gym is Now Open!!

2 Aug

T Town Garage Gym is  now open and running. We have had three days of classes with classes at 6am and 7am. We have 3 class members per class, which is perfect because we can give each member lots of personal attention and we aren’t running out of equipment or space. A big thank you to all of you who have come in so far. I look forward to seeing you all progress into the athletes that I know you all can be. You all have made one of the more challenging steps already, deciding to start a new exercise program and actually show up to class.

Our first day consisted of a 20 minute talk about why and what T Town Garage Gym is hoping to accomplish. After the talk we taught everyone the correct way to do an air squat, push up and ring row. The workout consisted of 200m run followed by 15-12-9 of squats, pushups and ring rows, followed by another 200m run. Everyone did a great job pushing themselves to finish quickly. I was very proud to hear how sore everyone was the next day because that told me everyone pushed themselves.

The second day consisted of learning the dead lift with a medicine ball and push press with PVC. The workout was not intended to be really hard, but more of a active day to learn 2 new movements we will do a lot in the future. The timing on the push press is really important to get before we start adding weight.

The third day consisted of 3 rounds of 20 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls and 10 Thrusters. Everyone pushed themselves hard. I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and got lots of good rest for Monday and Tuesday.

Here are some videos to check out for all of you who may not be familiar with our style of training. A funny one and an inspirational one.



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