As Many Rounds as Possible and others

18 Aug

This morning you were all exposed to a new timing method to work out to. We are used to a workout in which you need to get a certain number of exercises done as fast as you can, or a work priority workout. Today you were introduced to a time priority workout. In these workouts your work or amount of exercises completed depends on how hard you want to push yourself. You all did awesome with this new type of workout! You all recognized the challenges of how hard to push yourselves so that you could finish the workout, but still get as many rounds as possible. For the record, these workouts are one of the hardest workouts every time they come up for me.

We also talked about picking some  athletic goals out to focus on. I would suggest that you try to make the goals attainable within the next 6 months. For instance my goals are 1. Deadlift 450lbs again within 3 months 2. 30 unbroken kipping pullups within a month 3. 10 Handstand pushups within a month.

I also included your times I had from the whiteboard for the last bit. For those of you who have not started a workout journal please think about starting one sooner than later. I still regret not starting my workout journal sooner.


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