The End of the Beginning

20 Aug

We have now finished our 4 week introduction into some of the movements we will be using on a regular basis. Everyone did a great job learning and applying what they learned in each of the workouts. We will continue to introduce new movements, but you will see there are certain exercises we use more often than others. Some of these include pullups, air squats, pushups, situps, deadlift, clean and jerk and snatch. We will also start having workouts that take longer and are more challenging as we progress. For those of you who may have missed some of the classes we will continue to review movements whenever they are used in class so don’t feel like you are way behind.

The most exciting part to me was seeing the difference in times between the first workout you all did on our first day together and how far you have all improved over this short 4 week period. Lisa came in at 7:38 and was a whopping 3:37 faster than her previous time of 11:15, and Justin did a great job pushing him self shaving off 1:44 off to get to 5:58. You all rocked it this morning! I look forward to seeing how you all continue to progress over these next months.

As we continue on this journey through fitness try to continually assess how to improve your training, i.e. working on movements you struggle with, and also how your diet is affecting your performance at the gym or in life as a whole.

Everyone have a great weekend and continue to enjoy that wonderful feeling of beating your previous time on a workout. I am sure we will all have more to come.


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