Air Squats: Improving Yourself

24 Aug

I was just going over, for myself, basics in regards to proper technique with air squats.  As all of you who have gone through these initial 12 sessions at the gym know…squatting is something we do a lot of.  The form changes a bit depending on the lift or movement trying to be accomplished BUT the essentials to a proper squat is underlying any lifts you perform where squatting is involved (i.e. getting your butt down below parallel and then generating power through the hamstrings, glutes and hip flexors to move that weight fast and as far as possible)!

Attached is a quick and fun video that shows what great form and technique look like.  It also shows common weaknesses in squat form, purposes for it happening and simple tips to help improve it.  Watch it closely so as to continue to get the visual on what a great squat looks like but also think about yourself and where your strengths and/or weaknesses are with this movement.  Visualize & Enjoy!!!


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