26 Aug

There is a classic workout in the Cross Fit community called Angie.  Prescribed it goes as follows:

100 Pull-ups/100 Push-ups/100 Sit-ups/100 Air Squats

To many who read this it seems in your mind an impossible feat!  You are probably thinking that there are one or two or maybe all of the movements that you can either not complete at all or only pull off a few and then you would be done!  I’m sorry to tell you that you are WRONG about yourself and wrong about what many other “normal” people, like you, can do with your bodies!

Today I got to watch one go through the full Angie and everyone else accomplish the 1/2 Angie (50 reps of each movement).  We are in to our 5th week of classes and EVERYONE got through it with phenominal form and stamina!  It is both a physically and mentally draining workout.  It is also one that makes you feel on top of the world when you are finished!  You just completed 50/100 reps of each of these movements today!!!!  You all have much to celebrate about today and look forward to for the near future in how much more will be accomplished!

For all of you “normal” people out there reading this…all you have to do is show up, learn the movement and then move your body!  If you think the people coming to the gym have all started fit, athletic and seasoned in fitness and that is why they can do these things…come see for yourself who all is showing up and completing these workouts!  It is mostly a bunch of “normal” people like yourself.  YOU can take on Angie and complete it too!

Jumpin Pull-Ups


Sit-ups & Squats


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