31 Aug

Today we tackled Helen. There were only 4 of us who came in, but we did some great work. Justin and Grace came in at 6, and Ben was the only person for the 7am class, so I decided to join him. Helen is not the “hardest” girl by any means but there are some smokin’ times out there. Here is a CrossFit legend, he won the first CrossFit Games in 07,  doing a sub 7min Helen

We worked on kipping pullups alot today. We tried it with rubberbands, on the floor to learn specific movements in the kipping pullup. Kipping is not something that comes easy to most people. There are many pieces to fit together to get the kipping pullup. Ben is fortunate because it seemed to come easily to him. Ben linked together 2 pullups today (I am kicking myself for not having video of it). Ben did an awesome job learning this movement. If you still haven’t gotten a kipping pullup you may want to ask him what his “ah ha” moment was.


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