Announcing: New On-Ramp Classes OCTOBER 1ST

10 Sep

Our first two classes, started in July, have been really great. We’ve seen our students move from novices to dedicated athletes gaining skill and fitness and working hard to push themselves and set goals. It truly feels like a team of friends when we meet for each class and the encouragement and hard work each person has brought to class has helped make T Town Garage Gym what it is.

We’re now ready to launch more class times, more flexibility for current T Town Garage Gym members who’ve completed their On-Ramp courses, and two brand new On-Ramp classes to start the fitness journey for a whole new set of members.

Our new classes will officially begin OCTOBER 1st, but we’d love to encourage you to come down to the gym any Monday, Wednesday, or Friday morning before then at 7:30 to witness a class at work, meet a trainer, and pick up information on how to get yourself ready to take that step in October. There is limited space in each class, and doing the homework and legwork ahead of time to make sure you’re ready to commit helps us hold your reservation for class. We’ll also be announcing a FREE workshop with a lecture and a workout to help introduce you to what it is we do here.

Our two classes will be:

  • 6pm that meets Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • 8am/7pm that meets on varying days of the week

Here at T Town Garage Gym we’ve got “real” jobs and operate our gym in our spare time because we love teaching, so our class times reflect our varying availability. We are dedicated to providing you with as many options as we reasonably can to help you get through these classes and commit to showing up and working with your busy lives as best we can.

We’d love to see these classes fill up because a big part of individual success as an athlete is having a dedicated team surrounding you at each workout. Please email us at if you are interested in coming on board or dropping in to meet us.


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