16 Sep

Today we all met Fran for the first time. Everyone did an awesome job pushing themselves gutting it out through the workout. I heard from a couple different people they weren’t sure they would be able to get the whole workout done. You will become well acquainted with Fran over your time at the gym. You will also continue work toward getting that Rx next to your name that tells everyone you did just like the board said.

I have personally done this workout at least 6 times in the 3 years that I have been doing CrossFit, which is by far the workout I have done the most. Fran is what is referred to as a couplet workout out. It is a couplet because it uses two exercises. These two exercises happen be very different from each other. The Thruster is a pushing/ pressing movement while the pullup is clearly a pulling movement. Combining the two movements together in an intense repetition scheme of 21, 15, 9 has always made me extraordinarily sore for days. I am always surprised as to what is sore on me. Has anyone had a similar experience with other athletic endeavors?

Here is a version of Heavy Fran, Fran as Rx (prescribed) by the winner of this years CrossFit Games and Fran in full fire fighter gear.

Here is the link to the Mobility WOD website. Kelly is super smart and a no nonsense instructor. Ben, Justin and Zach, I would suggest that you try a posted workout from the mobility WOD site. They only take 10 minutes and will more than likely really help you out at the gym and elsewhere.


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