Strength Days

17 Sep

Today at T Town Garage we worked on finding a 5 rep max for the strict press and then followed up with some Tabata situps and squats. Anytime we are lifting with 5 or fewer reps we are working on adding strength. Strength is a very important part of fitness!! Anytime we can get stronger that makes numerous other movements easier. We will continue to have at least one strength day a week at the gym followed by a short little lung burner. Everyone did a great job pushing themselves with the strict press and especially the tabata intervals.

WARNING!! I am going to start harping more and more on nutrition everyday I am at the gym with you. I am not expecting perfection, but an honest attempt to adjust what you eat. Ben had a great saying this morning at class  about this, but I don’t want to butcher it (Ben write it in the comments if you can). Please read the attached CrossFit Journal article and come to class on Monday prepared to discuss what you agreed with and what you disagreed with. There are limitless resources to help us all be more successful finding and sticking to a diet that can work for the rest of our lives. If you need any help let a trainer know.


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