A Day of Many Firsts

20 Sep

First and foremost, everyone did an amazing job pushing themselves on their first “hero” WOD. Our WOD today was Michael and it consisted of 3 Rounds of 800m Run, 50 Back Extensions and 50 Situps.  Hero WODs are made to honor fallen public service members. They may be from the military, police, fire departmant and even the CIA. Hero WODs tend to be really hard and take a long time, but that is not always the case. This is a great introduction to a Hero WOD because you can do all the movements easily and close to the prescribed weight. Once again nice job everyone finishing what has been the longest workout as of yet at T Town GarageGym.

In other news, the sign up sheet is now on the blog. It is under the “About T TownGarage Gym” heading as “Sign Up Sheet.” Please take a moment to sign up for the classes you want to be at. Please remember to try let those people who are currently taking classes at a specific hour to have first crack at the sign up sheet for that time period. Also the 8am, 6pm and 7pm class times are currently for On Ramp classes so please leave those open. If you want to join an On Ramp class because that is the only class that works for you then that is okay by me, but you will be doing the same workout as the On Ramp class. If you have any questions let me know.

I forgot to talk to you all about your homework that was due today.  You should have read CrossFit Journal 21. Please leave a comment below stating what you liked and may try to implement into your diet, and what you disliked about the article.


One Response to “A Day of Many Firsts”

  1. Tim September 24, 2010 at 12:44 am #

    My healthiest eating habits of years past always involved careful measuring (which actually coincided with living according to a 40-30-30 diet like the Zone). Controlling portions by weighing appeals to the scientist in me, I think I’d like to try that again. It’s tough to

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