Fresh Meat

3 Oct

Yesterday we started the next On Ramp class at the T Town Garage Gym. We had two great athletes show up and really push themselves. Nice work Tim and Luke. I look forward to seeing their rapid improvements that will surely be coming shortly. For those of you who may be thinking about starting up this thing called CrossFit there is a great video showing how it can affect people and everyone they may know as well. Disclaimer: if you noticed the bright pink sign promoting Barbells for Boobs on the video page understand that it is a fundraiser being pushed by CrossFit to benefit Breast Cancer.

The regulars met a little lady named Grace and I am not talking about my wife. Lisa and Ben did a great job pushing themselves through the 30 Clean and Jerks for time. We will see this workout again. Maybe even sooner than you hope. This is Luke at Columbia City Theater after his first workout at the gym. Hopefully he wasn’t too sore.


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