Afternoon class

9 Oct

Today was my first day teaching an afternoon class. It was a weird feeling to not be half asleep and drinking coffee while teaching and coaching athletes in the gym. I like afternoon classes because that is traditionally when I have done most of my workouts and I seem to have good energy. I sometimes have just woken up from a nap. At some point I would love to have more options and or afternoon classes for everyone at the gym. We need more people to sign up for On Ramp classes so that we all have more options when it comes to class times. If an afternoon class time were added what class times are people hoping for? Most gyms have a class times either 3, 4, 5 and 6pm depending on needs. Some gyms have all those class times but they are full classes. If we added an afternoon class there would have to have more than 1 person sign up.

How is the sign up sheet going for everybody? Does it work? If not, what needs to change? I need some input and I have not seen you all or won’t see you all for a bit. Let’s figure it out.

Today Ben and Jessica and  did a workout named Kelly and Stacy did some rowing to work back up to our normally scheduled work outs. Tim learned about lunges and that lovely thing known a jumping pullup. Who doesn’t love a good pullup? 


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