The Dreaded Overhead Squat

20 Oct

Yesterday, our 6am and 7am classes tangled with a very challenging WOD for most. It was named Nancy and consisted of 5 rounds of 400m run and 12 overhead squats. For those of you who have not tried an overhead squat they are by far the hardest squat to do. You are holding a barbell over your head and squating, just try it the next opportunity if you can. I like to say that overhead squats put your squat technique under a microscope because all the little or big mistakes you make are much easier to see. Everyone did a exceptional job pushing through the five rounds of pain. No one at the gym was able to do the workout as prescribed, which is fine, it means we get to see this workout sooner then.

We also finished our second On-Ramp class. Luke and Tim will now be joining our regularly scheduled classes. Welcome them, and look forward to them pushing you harder. 


One Response to “The Dreaded Overhead Squat”

  1. Jessica Phay October 22, 2010 at 12:08 am #

    I look really pissed off in this photo! I think I was! My wrists were hurting too much but I knew I could squat the weight! The workout surely wasn’t “fun” but I actually do look forward to seeing it again! It challenged me for sure!

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