A Wicked Couplet

27 Oct

II created this workout knowing full well that it was going to suck. It was 21-15-9 of Thrusters and Burpees for time. These are two movements I have been getting better at, but still struggle mightily with. Each time I do them it feels like they are getting easier, but now that I say that the next time these two movements come up I will regret the words that I just typed. What are your least favorite movements in CrossFit or any other workout you have done? I know a lot of CrossFitters hate running, burpees, handstand pushups to name a few, but it is amazing how different everyone’s opinion can be.

Everyone did a great job pushing through the workout today. I heard “Son of Whore” from one particular athlete which always tells me he is pushing himself. Luke had the unenviable task of doing this workout alone, but managed to gut it out in spite of the burpees.

Justin also returned after his brief hiatus due to illness. Welcome back, hopefully you will continue to reap the rewards of better overall health because you are challenging yourself in a different way than before. I have found that because of the way I now eat and train I no longer am getting sick as often and when I do I generally bounce back faster.

The CrossFit article “What is Fitness” talks about a health continuum  on page 3 which I have mentioned previously. Please read the linked article and be ready to discuss on Wednesday when you come to class. Here are some possible topics of discussion. What did you specifically learn from this article? What was the most interesting thing you read? What did you not agree with?


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