“I Can!” vs. “I Can’t”

14 Nov

I have found that we are all obsessed with trying to obtain some form of excellence right off the bat!  If we do not see that excellence based on only how we see ourselves in the moment we fail almost right away to try anything beyond what we have known of ourselves!

I speak with people often about what we are doing at T Town Garage Gym and watch the reaction of many to be that of disbelief that they too can obtain and do what is going on at the gym!  “OH MY GOD!  There is no way I can do that!”  They are right that if they were to try certain movements right at that moment they probably couldn’t do it at the “optimal” level.  Though every movement, no matter how elementary or advanced it is, is important to your body!  No one ever starts right at the place of excellence at any movement and I promise you will never get there if you shut yourself down based on what you can’t do in that moment.  I may not be able to do a push-up on my toes at this very moment but it should not justify in my mind that I can’t obtain it!

Everyone in the gym is doing EXCELLENT in advancing way beyond what they ever expected of their own abilities but I have to point out one person in particular that I am seeing advance in ways she never thought she could obtain…Stacy Stevens!  This woman has gone from many “I can’ts” to “I can’t believe I was just able to do that!”.   I have watched Stacy move from wall push-ups to knee and now working on a few at a time on her toes!  She started with jumping pull-ups and is now working herself in to the assisted pull-ups on bands!  Deadlift form has been super difficult for her until the other day when it all clicked and she was able to lift more than she ever has (over 120#) with proper execution of the movment.  She has never ran more than 1 mile straight without stopping and just the other morning she ran 3 miles straight through!  Stacy will never obtain excellence in any of these movements if she only looks at what she can’t do today!  She sees what she can do and is challenging herself in those movements in that she will someday, very soon, obtain excellence!  The results for her are obvious and clear that it is working!  Nice work Stacy!  I am really excited for you!


One Response to ““I Can!” vs. “I Can’t””

  1. stacy November 14, 2010 at 3:43 am #

    Thank you so much! That was so encouraging. I could not have come this far without your support and encouragement and also a little ass kicking. I love my gym!

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