Welcome to 2011

5 Jan

We at the T Town Garage Gym are looking forward to this next year and all that it will have in store for us. We look forward to setting new goals in the gym and outside the gym. Most of all we look forward to achieving these goals in this next year. As trainers we are going to focus on improving our coaching of the numerous movements we use in the varied workouts that we do at the gym. In addition we will also check in weekly with each gym member to see how their nutrition is progressing and how that is effecting their lives inside and outside of the gym. Finally, we are going to better utilize our time in the gym so that we can spend 10 minutes focusing on stretching and mobility after each workout.

Today, worked on our strength over head with the strict press doing 3 set of 5 or 3×5. Everyone has now come to the realization that this is the movement that is the hardest to add weight to. If you want a better strict press I suggest lots of dips, handstand push ups, push ups, pullups and not necessarily in that order. After the strict press we did As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes or AMRAP15 of 20 Sumodeadlift high pulls, 15 Med Ball Cleans, 10 Supermans and 5 Pushups. Everyone did a great job pushing themselves as this was a workout that left you gasping for air because none of the movements were that heavy or hard.

Here is a great web site you may have not seen yet Mark’s Daily Apple.


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