23 Jan

On Friday, we worked on heavy push presses. Everyone is progressing and getting more confident with this movement. After the push presses, we did a quick met-con of 3 Rounds of 15 Wall Balls, 20 Knees to elbows and 30 Double unders. We need to do a better job working on our double unders. Expect to see them in our warm up soon. Here is video demoing and coaching double unders. Really watch the video to see what you are doing right and wrong when you are trying double unders.

On Saturday, Nichole our newest On Ramp student came in and did a great job learning the front squat, thruster, strict press and rowing technique. She will be joining our regularly scheduled classes after next week.

We will start to focus on learning the olympic lifts, the clean and jerk first and then the snatch over the next month. Expect to be humbled by these movements and amazed at how far you can come with diligent practice. Here is a video of the clean to get you excited.


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