3 Feb

Jessica and I have been focusing on improving our coaching in the new year. We hope you are seeing increased results because of this. Remember the easiest way to get better at any and all the movements that we do in here is to focus on always setting up the same way each time and focussing on keeping good form. We all have different form cues that we need to focus on the most. If you need help picking the right one to focus on ask a trainer. The best time to focus on form is obviously the warm up time prior to the workout as well as reviewing the specific movements of the days workout. We as trainers cannot make you get better at these movements, you need to decide to focus and get better everyday.

Also, as we get more new members at the gym don’t be afraid to jump in and help someone out by giving them some pointers that you may have learned by yourself or from one of the trainers. After all, we will all see the benefit of everyone coaching and getting better at the movements we do.

Finally, we need to review our goals we originally set when we started in August and set some new goals for three months from now. Think about your goals over the weekend and come to class on Monday ready to discuss your new goals.



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