Paleo Challenge – Last Minute Words

6 Mar

We are about to embark on our challenge!  Are you ready????


  • Pictures, Weight & Measurements – If you have not done all 3 of these you need to make sure to get it all done this Monday with me!
  • Buy In – Everyone needs to bring their $50 on Monday.
  • Benchmark Workouts – We did Fran, Baseline, Fight Gone Bad and 500m Row…whichever ones you missed you need to get them completed this coming week!  Talk to me!


  • Read ALL of this by Monday: Whole 9: Whole 30 Version 3.0 (This has better info than the previous Whole 9 doc I posted in the last blog…read it through carefully)
  • Menu Plan – Make sure you have a menu plan for this coming week!  Plan out your meals and snacks.  Go shopping before Monday and get at least the first few days worth of groceries you need.  Don’t try to “figure it out” on Day 1.
  • Do you need help?  Call me if you are feeling lost in any way!  I am here to help!  We are a team and we all are doing this together!


Use this time to re-establish your relationship with food!  Remember this is not a “diet plan” that constricts you!  It is meant to cleanse!  It is meant to remove inflammation!  It is meant to heal lean tissue!  It is meant to help your taste buds remember what real food is supposed to taste like and learn to enjoy the simple, and powerful, flavor profiles in nature!  It is meant to help your body lean down!  AND you get to EAT, EAT, EAT!  Don’t look at what you can’t have but what you get to have.  Read the testimonies here of those who have gone before you in this!  See this as 8-weeks of your ENTIRE life to hunker down, work hard and see what may come out of it for you! You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

I’m really excited for all of you (and myself) in this journey with food!




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