Starting Up Again and Continuing On

13 May

We have had quite some time since our last post. Almost everyone at the gym started and completed a 60 day Paleo Diet Challenge. Everyone did an amazing job!. There will be before and after pictures to follow soon for those who are brave enough to show the rest of the interweb world. Also remember to be very deliberate with what foods you are “cheating” with, so you can see what foods you should continue to avoid. Think about how the food feels going in. Does my throat feel like I am getting a sore throat now? Think about how you feel while you processing the food. Do I feel like I now have a brick in my stomach? Then finally think about how it is affecting your bowells. Do you now have what appears to be an inexplicable case of the runs? I have have found it too easy to cheat often and loose focus on how much better I feel and look after adopting these eating habits long term. Continue to try and maintain eating “Paleo” for 80% of the time and not  being quite so worried the other 20% of the time. However, if you are still hoping to trim down further stick to a strict “Paleo” diet and introduce “Paleo” cheats like coconut ice cream, NorCal Margaritas (I only use a 1/2 lime), and 85% Cocoa Chocolate, these are my favorites to cheat with. Finally, if you haven’t done so already think about and write down your nutrition goals in your workout log. They need to be time sensitive, achievable, specific. For instance, I will only have 2 days a week that I will drink alcohol, and on those days I will only drink 2 drinks. Have fun, and enjoy the food you are making and eating.


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