Paleo Challenge Pics & Results

24 May

Below you will find the results of our 60 Day Paleo Challenge!  I am inspired by the hard work and dedication everyone put in to this.  We all learned a ton in regards to how well our bodies respond to the simple, God-given foods we are meant to eat and I don’t think I am alone in saying that this is actually one of the richest and most flavorful ways to eat!  This was only the beginning of our journey to figure out what wellness looks like through our nutrition.  To just “diet” for a brief period of time is of no use but to find a way of life and how to live freely in it is our challenge.  We are still on a journey individually and corporately to figure this out.

One of our biggest (and most hilarious) topics of conversation was our lack of feeling bloated or having gas issues.  Walking away from every meal/snack feeling satiated, enjoying the food and not ever experiencing “heaviness”, bloating, cramping or gas!  This goes to show how much of what we just shove in our mouths as “stuff to eat” causes severe inflammation, bloating and discomfort we merely learn to live with.  I once heard someone say that in America there is food and then there is stuff you can eat…most of what we consume is merely stuff we can eat!  Just stuff to eat does very little to build healthy, lean tissue.  It causes constant insulin spikes and crashes.  It does not help to repair damaged tissue but, in fact, creates further inflammation in the body.  It creates more fatigue instead of energizing the mind and body….etc.

Overall, you can disagree with some or everything I just said!  I would suggest you talk to all of us at the gym and hear our experiences.  The changes in our measurable outcomes (weight, measurements, benchmark workouts) and significant increase in energy, post workout recovery, sleeping patterns and overall enjoyment & mood show that what we have and are participating in regarding our nutrition simply works!

Below each name I have listed what was lost in weight and measurements.



Waist: 2.25″

Hips: 2.5″

Stacy - Before

Stacy - After (Front)

Stacy - Before (Side)

Stacy - After (Side)

Stacy - Before (Back)

Stacy - After (Back)



Chest: 1.5″

Waist: 2.25″

Ben - Before (Front)

Ben - After (Front)

Ben - Before (Side)

Ben - Side (After)

Ben - Before (Back)

Ben - After (Back)



Waist: 0.75″

Hips: 2.25″

Lisa - Before (Front)

Lisa - After (Front)

Lisa - Before (Side)

Lisa - After (Side)

Lisa - Before (Back)

Lisa - After (Back)


0 lbs*

Chest: 0.5″ (gained)*

Waist: 1.25″

*What is interesting is that no loss in weight and inches gained in the chest is not necessarily a negative result.  Erik could have decreased in body fat % while at the same time increasing in lean muscle (which is heavier than fat).  I am sure this is what happened with Erik.  Weight and measurements over time are what gives us a clearer picture as to what is going on overall with a body!

Erik - Before (Side)

Erik - After (Side)

Erik - Before (Back)

Erik - After (Back)


7.0 lbs

Waist & Hips: ? (I was awesome and didn’t write this info down for myself in the middle of doing it for everyone else…SUCK!  But you can see, especially in my hips, lovey handles, abs, back and booty that I decreased…YES!!!)

Jess - Before (Side)

Jess - After (Side)

Jess - Before (Back)

Jess - After (Back)


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