9-12-12 WOD

12 Sep

Do main site WOD from 9-8-12. 8 rnds of 20 Sec of Hang Power Cleans 115, 10 sec rest, 20 sec of push jerks 115, 10 sec rest. Yes, this is a mash up of Tabata exercises. I would encourage you to not put the bar down and “rest” with the barbell in the front rack position on your shoulders. Maybe then put it down, but 10 sec is not very long. Ben do it as Rx. Aaron use 65lbs. Look at the video posted. We are not push pressing like the guy in the video, but doing push jerks. Think dip the knees drive to get the weight off your shoulders then rebending the knees to lock out arms and stand up. Have fun. Post times to comments.


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