25 Oct

Tomorrow no coach. You ladies enjoy each others company. Do the workout on the board. It is 5×3 Strict Press. Get creative and only try to add a lb or 2 at the most. Use the 11 lbs metal plates instead of the rubber 10s or add an extra set of collars. it is going to start getting tough to successfully do 5 reps with extra weight each week. Unless of coarse, you have already missed a rep or two. Then do 15-12-9 Strict Press with 60% of your heaviest 5 reps. Remember we are shooting to get all 15, 12 or 9 done without pausing or re racking the bar. The Met-Con is 3RFT (or rounds for time) of 400m Run (Run down the alley to Monroe, to 31, to Proctor, and then back to the gym. I know it is long but longer is better than shorter), 12 Thrusters 44/22 (Tori do 44 and Grace do 22).

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