Fun with Plates

31 Oct

Tomorrow do Strict Press 3×5. Then Strict Press 15-12-9 Heavier than last week if unbroken for both sets otherwise drop down below last week so you can get all sets unbroken. Then do 4 RFT 25 Overhead Lunges holding a plate over head (keep your shoulder up and active just like a overhead squat. Squeeze your scapula up and in and keep those elbows locked, 20 Good Mornings holding a plate in front of you (bend over at the waise keeping legs mostly straight until torso mostly parallel to the ground), 200m Run holding a plate however you feel like. Pick a weight and hold onto it the entire WOD. Everytime it touches the ground do 15 pushups. Ben think 45, Aaron 35 or 25, Tori 25, Grace 15.

For your reading enjoyment 10 things you learned after you started CrossFit


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