Fun with a Barbell

3 Nov

Tomorrow do 3×5 Deadlift then 21-15-9 Deadlift. Try to go heavier than last week if all your sets last week were unbroken. Then do AirForce WOD 20 Thrusters (Front squat with push press at the end), 20 SDHP (use your hips and keep your chest up. Guide the barbell up with you arms, don’t really pull. Hands narrow feet silly wide, 20 Push Jerks, 20 Overhead Squats (try power snatching the weight to the top of your Overhead squat to speed up transition time), 20 Front Squats (do a squat clean to start these to speed up transition time. Count the squat clean as one). At the beginning of each minute do 4 Burpees. Tori 44, Grace 16 Use Timer 5. Pacing will be very hard on this workout. If you need to take a minute off then start the next minute with the burpees.


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