Bench mark

7 Dec

We use this term at our gym and in the CrossFit community as a way to let everyone know, whether they know CrossFit or not, that this is measuring stick of the progress you have made. It also helps you set goals and push harder.  This week you have already done a classic bench mark work, you did it twice. You did “Basline” for your record. You will see it again in about 2 months. Train hard each day, eat right and get some good sleep each day and I would be shocked if in 2 months you don’t beat your previous times. Tomorrow Fran 21-15-9 of Thrusters (Ben 95, Aaron 65), Pullups. Push hard keep your breaks short. Look at the clock when you start and take 10 sec. Hold yourself accountable to this. It will help you very much if those are the longest breaks you take.


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