Now Back to Our Normally Scheduled Program

31 Dec

Here we go again. We are starting our 2 months of strength work again. It has been said by many numerous people that the best way to get better at CrossFit or exercising is by getting stronger. Think how much easier a 95lb thruster will be if you can back squat close to 300lbs. Here is an article a supporting that idea. We all should have an idea of where our numbers are at for the back squat, power clean and bench press, and we will use those numbers to judge our progress 2 months from now.

Tomorrow do 3×5 back squats. Start out around 80% and go from there. Remember the idea is that you add weight each week even if it is only a pound or two. The final set or two should be really hard to get through. I mean REALLY hard. Then do 5 rounds for time of 20 Abmat Situps, 15 Push Ups , 10 Deadlifts. Ben 225, Aaron 135, Tori 135, Grace 30, Brett 225, Erik 185. The DL weight should be just enough that you barely get these done, or you might need to break them up.


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