Beginning of the New Year

1 Jan

So, tomorrow we start another year. What did you accomplish last year that you are proud of? What do you hope to accomplish this next year? Please start thinking about some goals to accomplish this next year in the gym. Do you want to change your diet? Do you want to compete in the CrossFit Games Open in February? Do you want to lower your Fran time, or increase your Back Squat? Find 3 new goals that are attainable, strictly measurable and time sensitive. A good example would be, I want to increase my back squat to 440 in the next 3 months, not I want to add a bunch of weight to my back squat by the end of the year. We can obviously talk more In person over the next few days. Think about doing 2 or 3 exercise based goals and a life style goal. Please be ready to write these goals down by Thursday at the latest.

In the mean time, we are meeting tomorrow at 11am to ring in the new year. If you want to join us feel free. We will be adjusting the workout based upon who shows up. All are welcome.

The January sign up sheet is up too. Please only sign up for classes that you know you will be attending. Also please make sure you have adjusted the sign up sheet for any changes you may need to make by 9pm the day before a class. That way I can plan for who will be showing up for class. If you need to cancel the morning of a class shoot me a text at 425-890-2158.

Have fun tonight and be safe.


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