New Year and new movements

3 Jan

I have changed the warm up again. It now includes a DB snatch, 10 each side. Start out light and then work up to a more challenging weight. Also there is 10 Kipping Pullups, work on the forward and back hip movement, and fast hip explosion while pulling. Really this is here to get you to spend some time on the bar without bands. Then do a max number rep pushups. then 15 good mornings. These should be with an empty barbell.

The WOD is 5 rounds of 10 Toes to Bar. If those are too hard then do hanging knee raises, 10 Snatches, Tori 53lbs, Grace 33lbs, Brett empty barbell, Erik Empty barbell, 10 Wall Ball. Make sure you are going to full squat depth on those wall balls and throwing them up as high as you can 9ft for women and to the top of the target for men.



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