Paleo Challenge Anyone?

8 Jan

I am toying with the idea of doing a Paleo challenge with those of you interested at the gym. It would be for 30 days or maybe longer. I would encourage you to have a loved one take pictures of yourself for your own records to remind yourself where you were and how far you may or may not have come in your time while eating Paleo and or working out at T Town Garage Gym. One thing I would encourage everyone to do is get a body fat reading prior to starting and then one after to truly gauge your progress. More on the body fat reading later.

For those of you unacquainted with the idea of a Paleo challenge, it is simply eating Paleo for the given time frame. I am not into the super strict Paleo challenges, but you each can choose your level of Paleo. To me eating Paleo is fairly simple. Eat lots of meat and veggies, some fruit and nuts, no grain, sugars or legumes. Obviously we can talk more about the ins and outs of the diet program later. The idea here is that you significantly clean up your eating to help you perform better in the gym and feel better about yourself outside of the gym. Let me know what your leanings are next time you see me and we can get this thing going sooner rather than later.

In the mean time, tomorrow do 3×5 Backsquats, heavier than than last week if you got all five of your final 5 reps. Then do 15 Pullups (make these hard on yourself Tori do kipping no bands, Grace use a smaller band, Brett really work on kipping, Erik smallest band possible or kipping, 50 Split Jumps (these should not be as deep as a lunge and be done really quick), 30 Wall Ball 20/14 (hips below knees and the ball should hit the appropriate area of the target), 12 Pullups, 40 split jumps, 20 Wall Balls, 9 Pullups, 30 split jumps, 10 Wall Balls. Do your best not to break up the split jumps or wall balls. Have fun.


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