19 Jan

Tomorrow no coach again. Do 5×3 Power cleans. Think ground to shoulder. Some things to avoid are bending your arms too quickly. They should stay straight as long as possible. Also, people often times just don’t bend their knees to receive the bar. After the cleans do 50 walking lunges (trailing knee should gently touch the ground and your front foot should be in front of your knee), 20 Overhead Squats (squeeze hard with the shoulders and squat quickly so you don’t have to hold the bar too long. Also make sure that you are going deep enough Tori 53, Erik 44, Brett 65), 20 Toes to Bar or do hanging knee raises if you aren’t close to T2B, 50 walking lunges, 15 OHS, 15 T2B, 50 walking lunges, 10 OHS, 10 T2B. Enjoy!


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