Tomorrow or the Next Day

21 Jan

Tomorrow or the next day do 3×5 Back Squat. Add weight if you were successful with the last weeks weight. Make sure that you are going deep enough. Use a ball just to check tomorrow or the next day to see where you are at. Be honest with yourself about how deep you are going. Also keep those knees out and butt back for a good vertical shin.

Afterwards do 4 rounds of 7 Chest to Bar Pullups, 7 Ring Dips, 15 KBS heavy Ben 70, Aaron 53, Tori 44, Grace 24/35?, Brett 70, Eric 53, 50 Double Unders. After each round rest as long as the round takes you. Rest 1:1. Take no longer than 25 min to get this done including the rest

You may notice that we are doing a lot of the same movements each week, burpees, box jumps, olympic lifts and such. The reason is because we are all getting ready for the CrossFit Games Open in March. Whether you are planning on actually competing or not we will be doing those workouts during the week or at a later date because they allow us to compare ourselves to others out there. Also maybe think about this way. Often times people who run, as an example, to stay in shape either set a goal of doing a half marathon or similar goal to keep themselves motivated. I would encourage you all as your coach to compete in the CrossFit Open come March. It gives you a reason to maybe train just that much harder or come on a day where you maybe don’t quite feel like coming to the gym.


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