29 Jan

Tomorrow do 3×5 Back Squats. If you were successful last week add some weight. Then do 5 Round of 4 Power Cleans 90% of 3RM, 8 Hand Stand Push Ups or Piked Push ups. Do your best on the push ups. Use an Ab Mat for your head to touch as opposed to the ground to make either of these movements easier by decreasing the range of motion. Heck use 2 if you really have to. On the piked push ups the taller the box the harder it will be. Choose a version that will only allow you to get one set of the 8 unbroken. These are supposed to be hard today. Then do 40 Double Unders or 120 singles. Rest 2 min after each round. The WOD is on the board too.


One Response to “1-29-13”

  1. Brett Ozolin January 29, 2013 at 5:04 pm #

    First time with HSPUs at T-town. Probably the worst the garage has seen, Total of 8 good ones before range of motion decreased. Should have started with box. Feel improvement in cleans, was comfortable at 175lbs. Keep reading too fast and doing the wrong thing, performed cleans not power cleans.

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