1 Feb

Tomorrow do 5×3 Power cleans. If you were successful last week add more weight. Then do Nancy 5 rounds of 400m Run (on the run focus on the ground about 20ft in front of you. Also try to first touch the ground with the ball of your foot out in front of you and pull your leading foot up and have the heel come back high towards your but. Finally, keep the cadence or number of strides high by moving your arms fast, but also keep your breathing controlled and slow), 15 Overhead Squats Ben 95, Aaron 65, Tori 53, Grace 20, Erik 95 or 65, Brett 95 or 85. You all should choose a weight that you will have to break up the OHS. Think 10 then 5 each time. Focus on squeezing your shoulders up and locking your arms out. Squat back and down  to a med ball. Every male should use a med ball to judge their depth. Have fun. Write your times down on the board.


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