Almost there

25 Feb

Tomorrow or the next day do 3×5 Back Sqauats. Add weight if you were successful. Make sure that your torso stays as vertical as possible through the entire movement of the squat. Then do 12 minute AMRAP of 12 Ring Dips (use a band or just a foot to scale shoulders to the rings each time and elbows fully extended), 9 Toes to Bar (I really mean toes to bar Ben or Aaron no V ups. get those feet as high as they can go each rep, to the bar hopefully), 7 Snatches with just the bar ( these are full squat, so focus on form getting under the bar. This is an older video, but the best for looking at the form, so enjoy.) Write your weights and times on the board.


One Response to “Almost there”

  1. Brett Ozolin February 28, 2013 at 7:48 pm #

    I thought I would be done with your teasing by updating the playlists on my old ipod. I’m thinking the new updates will only give you more ammo. Anyways, look forward to some updated music including a new special playlist for Erik. Don’t think you will be able to miss it based on the title.

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