The Open is Upon Us

8 Mar

Tomorrow or Saturday Take 2 minutes and pace out a total of  10 Power Snatches at a light weight think Bar, 2 mins with a slightly heavier bar for 6 reps. Then do 10 Burpees. After that warm up do

Proceed through the sequence below completing as many reps as possible in 17 minutes of:

40 Burpees
75/45 pound Snatch, 30 reps
30 Burpees
135/75 pound Snatch, 30 reps
20 Burpees
165/100 pound Snatch, 30 reps
10 burpees
210/120 pound Snatch, as many reps as possible.

Obviously you will need to scale. Start with a bar then add 5 or 10 lbs per round for you laddies. Guys add 20-30 lbs per round. You should struggle with the 3rd round of snatches if you get there Ben 135, Aaron115, Erik 115.

Also watch this video to get an idea of form for the snatch. It is a power snatch not a squat snatch. Enjoy and write your total number of reps completed on the board.

Finally, speed up your warm ups in the morning. They should only take 15min at the most. Aim for 10. We end up wasting time each morning.


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