July 1 and 2

1 Jul

Tomorrow or the next day do the following.

A. Four sets of: Back Squat x 6-8 reps about 70% 1rm counting to 3 one thousands on the way down and then explode up. Rest 2 minutes Weighted (if possible, there is a blue webbing with a carabiner to wrap around your waist) Pronated (palms facing you)-Grip Pull-Ups x 5-7 reps Rest 2 minutes

B. “Little Bear” Three sets of: Barbell Complex x 5 reps Rest 2 minutes between sets The Barbell Complex= Power Clean, Front Squat, Shoulder to Overhead, Back Squat, Shoulder to Overhead from behind your neck. Do one rep with an empty bar just to practice. Start with a lower weight (maybe just the bar for some) and do one barbell complex=one rep. Do a total of 5 complexes without putting the bar down for 1 set. Rest with the bar in the back before doing the back squat as necessary in the middle of a set. Also bend your knees to receive the bar behind your neck. Have fun too.


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