July 31 and August 1

31 Jul

There are some new exercises, but I am confident that you all have done something similar and can quickly learn these.  The bonus is you won’ t have sore wrist for a few days like the kettle bell snatches too.

Workout of the Day

A. Three sets of:

Bulgarian Split Squat x 6 @ 31X1 or 3 sec negative, 1 sec in the bottom and one sec rest at the top. Keep these on the lighter side unless you have done them before. Do you best to have your foot far enough away from the bench to keep you shin vertical through the entire movement. The bench is in the basement. You will appreciate the padding.

Rest 90 seconds

Dumbbell External Rotations x 8 reps @ 2010 or 2 sec negative and 1 sec on the lift portion. These are going to be pretty light. If you need to use a small circular weight. You could use a box on its side for  these.

Rest 90 seconds

B. Four rounds for time of:

135/115/65/45 lbs Ground to Overhead x 8 reps  (I would suggest Power clean, but don’t stand all the way up and go directly into a push jerk)

400 Meter Run


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