September 18 and 19

18 Sep

No coach for the next 4 days.  I will post Friday’s and Saturday’s workout tomorrow evening. 

I hope those of you that were able to come in and do the workout Fran enjoyed yourselves. This reminded me that we need to continue to get stronger so that those thrusters and pullups can be done unbroken. You all did awesome, even if you did not beat your old personal record. We are going to continue to add in more of the “classic” CrossFit workouts so that it won’t be 9 months before you see the likes of Fran again.

Tomorrow do the following. 

A. 4×4 Back Squats 80-90% All four sets should be heavy and the 4th one you should barely be able to get it done. Doug and Jesse add a little weight. Doug around 135 or so, Jesse just the barbell and really focus on keeping your chest up. 

B. 4 rounds for time of

400m Run Run down the alley to mason to 31st to Proctor and back to the gym

20 pushups do these however you need to, but make sure if you start them on your knees you finish them on your knees.

25 air squats                                             


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