Nov 1 and 2

1 Nov

I hope everyone had a great Halloween. We sure did. Halloween is becoming  one of our favorite holidays. It is just so much fun and you get to act like kids again. Anyways to the workout.

A. 5×3 Deadlifts with a 4 sec count negative back to the ground. Make sure your butt is good and low and really focus on keeping your upper back tight and flexed the entire movement.

B. Half Angie

50 Pullups, Doug and Shannon do ring rows. Make sure they are so hard you can only do 5 at time for most of the 50.

50 Pushups, Scale as needed

50 Situps, make sure to use that Abmat

50 Squats, go for as big a set as possible. Your goal should be to do at least 10-15 while your legs are burning. Also make sure to keep that torso upright and upper back tight like we practice in the warmup. I would suggest that everyone use a ball, except Tori.


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