February 24 thru March 1

25 Feb

Warm Up of the Week

3min of Double Under work. Don’t kill yourselves here. Just try to get better each day. 

15 pushups with 3 second negative 

15 med ball cleans. Try to really make these your best. 

15 ring rows with 3 second negative

Monday and Tuesday

CrossFit Total

Find 1RM (rep max) for the following

Back Squat

Strict Press


Everyone did great on this!! I hope everyone wrote those numbers down. You are going to need them next week. Sorry I forgot to remind you to write it down.

Wednesday and Thursday

A. Helen

   3 Rounds for Time

   400m Run (run in the alley to the each end of the alley, Gym to Proctor to Mason to Gym)

   21 KB Swings 53/35, 44/28, 28/18 

  Brett 53, Doug 44, Adam 35, Katie 28,  

  12 Ring Rows

  Rest 5 min

B. 3 minutes of max abmat sit-ups


Friday and Saturday

A. Work towards a heavy power clean

B. Diane



Dive Bomber pushups 




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