April 28 thru May 3

27 Apr

Monday and Tuesday

A. 3×20 Back Sqauts. You should get all 20 done without putting the bar back on the rack. If you can’t drop the weight so you can. The last 5 on the last set should be really hard.

B. Baselinex2

2 rounds for time

500m Row

40 Squats

30 Situps

20 Pushups

10 Ring Rows

Wednesday and Thursday

A. 3×20 Strict Press. Same as idea as on Monday

B. 200m dumbbell Farmer Carry 35/25, 25/15, 10 pickup two DB and carry them 200m to Protor and back. Take breaks as you need to.

10 DB Power Cleans and Jerks

Friday and Saturday

A. 3×20 Deadlift


1/2 Badger 

3 Rounds for time

15 Squat Cleans 65/55, 45/33, 10

15 Ring Rows

400m Run


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