May 12 thru 17

14 May

Mon and Tues

A. 3×20 Back Squats

B. 4 Rounds

200m Farmer Carry

10 Rengade Rows

Use the same dumbbells for the entire workout 35/25, 25/15

Also please do your best to put the dumbbells back where you found them. While you are looking at them the 40s should  be stacked up then the 35 in a single stack all the way down to the 10s

Wednesday and Thursday

A. 3×20 Strict Press

rest 60

3×10 Bent Over Dumbbell Row

B. 200m Walking Lunges to Proctor and Back

Rest 3-4 min

200 Situps for time

Fri and Sat

A. 3×20 Deadlift

B. 4 Rounds

400m Run

15 Ring Dips use bands so you can do one set of 10 before  the workout.

25 Air Squats


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