December 1 thru 6

1 Dec

Monday (will not) and Tuesday (will)

40 Wall Ball 20/14

20 Ring Rows

30 Wall Ball

15 Ring Rows

20 Wall Ball

10 Ring Row

10 Wall Ball

5 Ring Rows

Wednesday (will not) and Thursday (will not)

25 Box Jumps

40 Walking Lunges

25 Pushups

30 Walking Lunges

20 Pushups

20 Walking Lunges

15 Pushups

10 Walking Lunges

10 Pushups

25 Box Jumps

Friday (will) and Saturday (will)

Tabata This

8 Intervals of 20 sec of work followed by 10 sec of rest per each exercise. This time you get a minute off between exercises though.


Ring Rows





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