January 5 thru 10

5 Jan

Monday (away) and Tuesday(here)

Tabata Squat 20 sec of squats followed by 10 sec of rest for 8 sets or 4 total minutes



Ring Rows



Tabata Squat again shoot for the same number as the first set

Wednesday (away)

For Time

Row 1k

25 Med Ball Cleans

20 ring Dips

Row 750m

20 Medball Cleans

15 Ring Dips

Row 500m

15 Med Ball Cleans

10 Ring Dips

Thursday (away)

As Many Rounds as Possible in 20 min

10 Air Squats

10 Situps

10 Good Mornings

10 Pushups

Friday (away) and Saturday(away)

50 Box Step Ups

50 Situps

50 DB Push Press

50 Ring Rows

50 Med Ball Cleans


December 15 thru 20

15 Dec

Monday(will) and Tuesday (will not) For Time 50 Abmat Situps 21 Good Mornings 25 Rollups ups or sit-ups while bringing you knees in and touching your feet 1 min arch rock 25 Weighted Situps 25 Stiff Legged Deadlifts

Wednesday (will not)

For Time

25 Abmat Situps

50 Air Squats

5 Rounds of

10 Ring Rows

7 Ring Dips

50 Air Squats

25 Abmat Situps

Thursday (will)

For Time


Single Unders


3 Rounds of

20 Leg Levers

20 Good Mornings

Friday (will not) and Saturday (will not)

Find 5 RM for the following movements


Back Squat


Power Clean

December 8th thru 13th

8 Dec

Monday (will) and Tuesday (will not)

For Time

400m run

75 Jumping Pullups

400m run

50 Pushups

400m Run

75 Air Squats

Wednesday (will)

5 Sets of 10 Squats

1st:10 sec up and 10 sec down

2nd: Bottom to Bottom

3rd: 10 sec pause at bottom

4th: Eyes closed

5th: Slow down, Fast Up

100 KB Swings

Thursday (will)

For Time

500m Row

21 DB Power Cleans

3 min Rest

500m Row

15 DB Power Cleans

3 min Rest

500m Row

9 DB Power Cleans

Friday (will) and Saturday (will)

5 Sets of each exercise for Max Reps

Abmat Situps

Good Mornings

Ring Dips

December 1 thru 6

1 Dec

Monday (will not) and Tuesday (will)

40 Wall Ball 20/14

20 Ring Rows

30 Wall Ball

15 Ring Rows

20 Wall Ball

10 Ring Row

10 Wall Ball

5 Ring Rows

Wednesday (will not) and Thursday (will not)

25 Box Jumps

40 Walking Lunges

25 Pushups

30 Walking Lunges

20 Pushups

20 Walking Lunges

15 Pushups

10 Walking Lunges

10 Pushups

25 Box Jumps

Friday (will) and Saturday (will)

Tabata This

8 Intervals of 20 sec of work followed by 10 sec of rest per each exercise. This time you get a minute off between exercises though.


Ring Rows




November 24 thru 29

24 Nov

Monday (will not) and Tuesday (will)


8 sets of 20 sec of work followed by 10 sec of rest of the following. Do all 8 sets before moving onto the next exercise

Ring Rows


Ab Mat Situps

Air Squats

Wednesday (will) and Thursday (will not)

Run 200m

10 Rep Deadlift

Rest as needed

Run 400m

5 Rep Deadlift

Rest as needed

Run 600m

3 Rep Deadlift

Rest as needed

Run 800m

1 rep Deadlift

Make the run challenging and the deadlifts challenging. You should be just barely be able to finish the deadlifts.

Friday (will not) and Saturday (will)

100 Ab Mat Situps


30 pushups

100 DB Box Step Ups

25 pushups

75 DB Box Step Ups

20 Pushups

50 DB Box Step Ups

I wouldn’t go super heavy on the box step ups Boys 25lb, Girls 10lb plates at most

November 17 thru 22

17 Nov

Monday and Tuesday

800m Run

20 Air Squats

20 push-ups

20 Ring Rows pull-ups

50 KB Swings

Box step up (20″) with dumbbells, 25 right , 25 left 25

Floor Press with DB

10 Ring Rows

200 jumps Jump rope

20 Steps walking lunges

15 Dumbbell Push-press

15 Dumbbell Upright row

800 meter run

15 Dumbbell Deadlift

20 Ring dips

20 DB Power Cleans power-cleans

50 Box Jumps 24

10 Dumbbell Thruster

20 push-ups

20 Ring Rows

Pick one dumbbell weight that will be challenging Doug and Adam 30 or 35, Nichole 20 or heavier, Grace and Heather maybe use the 10 or 5 lb plates? Have fun. This should take a while.

Wednesday and Thursday

Floor Press 5 sets (10,7,5,3,1 reps)
Deadlift 5 sets (10,7,5,3,1 reps)

Rotate the lifts and take small breaks (to change weights maybe). Try a barbell floor press and dead lift if you need more weight. Do a couple warmup sets to make sure you will have a challenging starting weight.


Run 400 meters
Rest 5 minutes
Run 400 meters
Rest 5 minutes
Run 400 meters

Grace and Heather you can sub rowing or box step ups for 2min

Friday and Saturday

15 Rounds of

1 min KB swings 35/24/18 This should be an all out effort, fast and hard!! Keep track of your first rep count and then do your best to match it on the all the other rounds.

2 min Sumo Deadlift High Pullups. Same KB as above. This is the recovery so slow and steady.

November 10th thru 15th

10 Nov

Monday (will not) and Tuesday (will)

4 rounds for time

50 KB Swings 35/24, 24/18

21 Medball Cleans

15 Pusups

9 Australian Pullups

Wednesday (will not) and Thursday (will not)

15 Ring Rows

50 Box Jumps or Step ups

21 Ring Dips

40 Box Jumps or Step ups

15 Ring Dips

30 Box Jumps or Step ups

12 Ring Dips

20 Box Jumps or Step ups

9 Ring Dips

15 Ring Rows

Friday (will not) and Saturday (will not)

Row 5 minutes at warm up pace

CrossFit Total

Find a 1 RM Back Squat, Strict Press and Deadlift